Art Terminology

Wednesday: Different Mediums used in Art

Wednesday: Art Terminology post about different mediums used in art

I thought we would start our Art Terminology discussion with a look at different mediums that are used in art.

There are 4 broad categories for art include:

Fine Art

Visual Art

Decorative Art

Applied Art

Fine Art includes drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

Visual Art includes is a broader term that includes fine art as well as book illustrations, architecture, graphic art, and calligraphy. It also includes contemporary art such as mixed media, collages, conceptual art, video, animation, performance art, graffiti, and photography.

Decorative Art includes furniture, tapestries, book illustrations, floral arrangements, pottery, basket weaving, jewelry making, metal work, stained glass, and mosaics. It can also include theatrical costumes, sets, or backdrops. It includes techniques from around the world such as Faberge Eggs or Japanese Origami paper-folding.

Applied Art includes fashion design, industrial design, graphic art, interior design, architecture, and most types of decorative art. This includes machine-made and individual made products.

***There can be overlap between the categories.



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