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What is interior design?

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You might ask what is interior design and how does it relate to art…..


Remember from our previous post about different mediums in art that furniture is part of decorative art and that interior design is part of applied art.

Interior design is more than aesthetics. It is about finding creative solutions that support the health, safety, and well-being of the people who live within the space and enhancing their quality of life.

Interior design is about how we experience spaces. It is how we interact with an interior space (a comfortable house, a functional work space, or beautiful public spaces).


Interior design is an art and a science.

Interior design will incorporate the same visual elements as other forms of art such as color, line, shape, texture, tone, pattern, and form.

It will also incorporate the elements of composition such as proportion, pattern, focus, rhythm,  contrast, unity, balance, and movement.

You might also want to consider art composition rules such as odd numbers (group accessories in groups of 3 or 5 for visual interest). rule-of-odds-art-compositio-56a6e5b05f9b58b7d0e56144


What is Interior Design?

New York School of Interior Design

Elements of composition

Visual Elements

Art Composition


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