What is Architecture?

Tuesday: Architecture Tuesday

What is architecture exactly? 

It is the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

I read today that architecture is “a passion, vocation, a calling as well as a science and a business”.

Architecture is the art, science, and business of building. Architects are the designers and solve problems. It isn’t just about utilitarian purpose but rather it must also be aesthetically pleasing (form verses function). It needs to look good but also function….

Buildings must adhere to local building codes and bylaws. It must combine function with safety. Architects are concerned with spatial energy.

It is also discussing different methods or styles of building.

How will people move throughout the space? Do you want an open concept living room, dining room and kitchen or do you want each separated room to serve an individual purpose? Open spaces are very popular right now but are difficult to decorate and you need to focus on creating spaces that serve different purposes within the same space.

Architecture provides a sense of place and must support all types of human activity. A house that is aesthetically beautiful but lacks a well thought out plan. Architecture must support both form and function. How will a person use the space? What is the purpose of the space? Architecture is man-made and must work within the environment or space around it.

I love the idea of utilizing space to its fullest and introducing the concept of light. It is important to think about function. What is the room or space going to be used for? How can you maximize your space?

Next week we will discuss the history of architecture…..


What is architecture?


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