Tuesday: Architecture Tuesday…..A brief history of architecture

Tuesday: Architecture Tuesday


A brief history of architecture

A few key points in history:

  1. Egyptians– created large underground burial chambers, temples, shrines and the Pyramids.
  2. Greeks– circa 200 BCE invented cement. Later on small fragments of volcanic rubble is added to it to make concrete which is vital for creating Roman arches and aqueducts as well as Roman roads.
  3. Romans– 1st century BCE worked to create the dome, vault, and arch which utilizes concrete.
  4.  Southeast Asia– the rise of Buddhism and Hinduism bring about the stupa (religious gathering place) which evolves into the Pagoda and other temples.
  5. Romanesque– 9-12th centuries throughout Europe. Brought back sculpture and stained glass.
  6. Gothic– 12th-15th century categorized by thinner walls, ribbed vaults, buttresses, stained glass, patterns in the windows called tracery, and pointed arches.
  7. Renaissance (1400-1620)- two examples include St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and the cathedral in Florence.  Baroque (1550-1790)- more detailed, complex, elaborated, and ornamented.
  8. Rococo (1715-1789)- more concerned with interior design. Centered in France was concerned with the complete aesthetic experience.
  9. Neoclassic (1640-1850)- originated in France.
  10. 19th century in Europe and America including the work of noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright and the invention of the skyscraper.
  11. 20th century has been dominated by new building techniques, technologies, and construction materials. There were a number of movements including; art nouveau, early Modernism, Avant-Garde, steel-frame skyscraper, Art Deco, PostModernist, and neo-Modernism.


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