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Basic room design principles….the focal point

Saturday: Home Decor and DIY Projects

Earlier today I posted a list of 16 basic room or interior design principles that we will discuss during Saturday posts. This week I have decided to focus on the natural starting part of each room; the focal point.

I like that some described the focal point like wearing makeup. If you do a dramatic eye and a neutral lip color or if you do a dramatic lip color you choose a more neutral eye color. It all depends whether you want your eyes or lips to be the focus of your face.

What is a focal point? The focal point is the object or area your eye is drawn to first in a room. Creates emphasis to highlight the most important feature of your room.

Why is a focal point important? Focal points ground a room and create purpose within the room.

What are natural focal points in a room? A fireplace or a big bay window with a natural view or built in bookcases are focal points in a room. Furniture can be a focal point such as a big screen tv, a bed in a bedroom space, the dining room table in a dining room.

Can a room have more than 1 focal point? Normally there is a primary focal point for example, the dining room table. You can create a secondary focal point by adding a rustic sideboard with a piece of artwork over top and 2 lamps on top of it.

What if there isn’t a natural focal point in your room? You can create one by using artwork or mirrors and focusing your furniture towards them. You can paint one wall a contrasting color.

Look at the longest wall in your space- add a feature wall such as wallpaper, picture gallery, barn boards, ship-lap, stone or bricks.

Wood wall

Use brightly colored curtains to highlight windows.

A bright piece of furniture can be a focal point.

Play up architectural details such as high ceilings, beams, arches, or angled walls.

The brown accent wall emphasizes the fireplace and wall angles.


Interior design principle a focal point

Most important interior design principles

Focal point and rhythm

Defining a focal point


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