Architecture Tuesday: Exterior Architectural Features

Architecture Tuesday

Exterior architectural features and details includes: texture and kind of building materials, type and style of doors, windows, porches, roofs, foundations, signs, and landscaping.

Here are a few features and details include:

  • Arch: a curved structure spanning across an opening such as a window or doorway.
  • Veranda: a roofed porch or balcony that is attached to a building.
  • Vault: a roof or ceiling structure that is based on an arch.
  • Dormer: a roofed projection from a sloped roof that often contains a window.
  • Column: an upright post (tapered cylinder) used for support or decorative.
  • Bay window: a window that protrudes from the building.
  • Transom light: a window above a door.
  • Shutters: hinged panels used to cover windows.
  • Sidelights: windows located at the side of a door.
  • Fanlight: a semi-circular window over a door.
  • Cornice: a crowing projection at a roof line.
  • Double doors: also referred to as french doors (two adjacent doors).
  • Frieze: a band of sculpted ornamentation.
  • Hardware: door knobs, hinges, latches, and handles.
  • Moldings: a decorative strip of wood or plaster.



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