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Basic room design principles….the function and live-ability

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What is function and live-ability? If a room isn’t set up and laid out to help you accomplish the things that need to be done in it; then the room will not be used.

When you are considering re-doing a room the first thing you need to consider is what do you want to use the room for, what purpose or function must it serve for you and your family, and what would you like the room to feel like.

Each room needs a defined purpose. If you try to label a room the ‘living room’ is not specific enough. Do you want to entertain in this room, have a quiet space to read in, or do you want to watch TV in this room?

Multiple sitting places

Re-purposing a room?

A room’s purpose can and will change over time. A designed playroom works when the kids are young but may work better as a homework room or TV room when they grow into teenagers.

If you have a formal dining room that you rarely use but need an office or a craft room why does the room need to remain a dining room? Who has to say what the room’s purpose is? Nowadays, people might be interested in a less formal type of dining such as a breakfast nook or even bar stools at a counter or kitchen island.

Can a room serve more than one purpose? If you choose appropriate furniture as well furniture that can serve more than one purpose than a room can serve multiple purposes.

Make good use of storage space. Need a desk space? One neat suggestion is to use the closet in a guest room.

Office space in a closet

An office can double as a guest room with a Murphy bed that pulls down for guests. Don’t have a designated guest room than a pull out or sleeper sofa can be used in your living room to accommodate occasional overnight guests. Try using a daybed in a craft room.

Daybed in a craft room

Use your vertical space to allow for additional storage.

Laundry and storage room

The additional cabinets in this laundry room allow for pantry, cleaning supplies, and a broom closet.

Divide your room into zones. The whole room doesn’t have to serve just one feature. This is also essential if you have an open great room space. You need to define purpose for different areas throughout the larger space.

Diving a great room; living room space is divided by the bookshelf and columns from the kitchen space with a breakfast nook.


Seven Principles of Home Design

Interior Design Principles

Establish a purpose, mood, and focal point in a room


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