First Month Completed!

I am excited to announce I made it through my first month of blog posts and I am learning a lot as I really start to get my feet wet with the ins and outs of running my own blog on a daily basis. Many people say I am ambitious to attempt to post every day on my blog but so far I have been able to keep up.

That being said I am finding myself talking with other bloggers and we all learn from one another and their experiences. During one conversation in particular, I had a real shift in my mindset about my blog. The one thing I haven’t liked about my blog was the randomness of my posts. Anyone who actually knows me knows that I thrive with lists and striving to be organized. However, I lacked organization on my blog. I thought setting out different types of posts on specific days of the week would allow me to be organized, and this helped; but it wasn’t enough to satisfy my need for organization. My blog posts felt random and unrelated to each other. It also takes me a lot of time to write each individual post because I would have to start with brain-storming ideas and many google searches before researching and writing each individual blog post.

So beginning this month, I will have a set theme and each post throughout the month will relate to the overall arching theme of the month. I have set myself up with a schedule for the month and most of the ideas are already decided upon. I am hoping this will stream-line my blog writing as well as making a more cohesive blog throughout the month.


For the month of May; the theme is: nature in particular finding beauty in nature. We will discuss landscapes, trees, flowers, gardens, butterflies, birds, and animals. We will find lots of pops of color throughout the art work. I was inspired by the saying, “April Showers, Bring May Flowers”. Important words to consider are rejuvenate, regenerate, a time of renewal and birth. I am essentially calling this month Spring into May. d3f3

My blog has allowed me an avenue to express myself and I am really feeling inspired and a renewed sense of creativity in my own life and I hope I can share that with each and every one of you. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I am looking forward to sharing and building upon this theme as the month goes on.


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