Back on Track

It is still a work in progress to get myself back on track. We got so busy and with busyness and stress I got behind but also lost my inspiration which is one of the chief focuses and reasons behind why I started this blog in the first place. I find once I am behind I struggle to catch up and then I get upset because I got behind.

Prime example, I started writing my Saturday post on Saturday evening but was unable to complete it to publish. So here it is Sunday evening and I felt inspired to complete my Saturday post. So I just hit “publish” on my Saturday post but I don’t have time to write my Sunday criticism and judgement post. So here’s the internal debate…..do I say I am happy that I completed one post or do I beat myself up for not completing my regularly scheduled Sunday post? I struggle in my own head about whether I should have done the Saturday or Sunday post or if I should have kept that Saturday post for next weekend……I need to get out of my head and just allow myself to be inspired by what I am surrounded by. I am sure no one else would have the fun playing with the straps on my book bag that 2 eight week old kittens are currently having.

Marmalade and Caramel

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