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Wednesday: Taking Time to Chat about Art

Wednesday: Time to Chat about Art

I have been thinking a lot about making art more approachable and accessible to the masses.

How do people gain exposure to art? 

Where do people get to see and experience art?

How do we interact with art?

The truth is we are surrounded by art. Sometimes we don’t even notice it and other times we choose to interact with it. Have you ever noticed the art hanging in your office, doctor, or dentist office? What about your favorite local restaurant? Do you walk by these pieces time and time again or do you stop to look at them? This speaks to our ability to interact with art in an everyday setting. I often hear people saying, “I am not an art critic”; you don’t have to be an art critic to enjoy a piece of art or even appreciate the work. You don’t even have to like it. We all have personal tastes. We all have likes and dislikes.

We can visit an art museum or gallery. Local artists will often have studios that you can visit and there’s nothing like buying local. Check out if your city or community has an art school or a local group of artists. Look at local farmer’s markets. You never know what you might find at a yard sale or estate sale. My local library showcases monthly art displays of local artists; which I love to look at while choosing my newest book to read.

What about the art you choose to hang within your own house? How did you choose your own family’s artwork? Is it art made by your kids? Is it art you made yourself? Do you surround yourself with family photos?

If you are a crafty or artistic person you can design and create your own artwork. If you are a DIY’er than you can probably make some art pieces for your house….remember to check out Pinterest for ideas. Think outside the box….put a frame around a photograph (try blowing up a picture of a flower or leaf for a graphic punch of color) or even a picture your kids drew and it automatically looks professional. I am a firm believer the frames don’t even have to match…. I love when all the frames at least within a room are the same color but differing styles can add a lot of visual interest and creates a unique style.

Frame unique or items from your past (such as a scarf or tablecloth from a vacation). I lived in a First Nations community and framed mementos from my time spent up there such as a couple dream-catchers and a pair of moccasins. Grab a calendar that you love and frame the photos from it. Or an old book or magazine. Look at stencils, painting a wall or a piece of wood with chalkboard paint, wall decals, stencils, or stenciling words on a canvas. Old farm signs are a great accent for a rustic country look.

Then there are also the mass production artwork that can be found at any number of local department stores. These range from reproductions of famous pieces to landscapes to portraits to abstract pieces. You can also order posters (reproductions) or pieces of artwork online.

Art really is about thinking outside the box…..finding items or pieces that work individually and collective and that speak to you on a personal level. Choosing artwork is a very personal decision. Find pieces that speak to you and your family. Locate artwork that is personal and connects to your life and your interests. You can use pieces that work with your design style.



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