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Choosing color combinations for your rooms

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How do you choose color combinations for your rooms?

Have you ever stood in the paint aisle at your home hardware store staring at the hundreds of paint chips? How do you choose the right paint color? Designing a color scheme that works is crucial. Creating an interesting room (a room that visually looks good and also functions) involves a variety of design techniques. Designing a room is much like putting together an outfit. Consider how to mix color, pattern, texture, and shine or sheen to create visual interest.

So a few things to consider:

  • Starting points for basic color choices: What color is your window frames and trim? What color is your baseboards, crown molding, door trim? What color is your ceiling?
  • Consider the color of your window treatments such as blinds. What color, pattern, and texture will you add with curtains?
  • Think about your light fixtures? Are your fixtures a metallic finish such as oil rubbed bronze, bronze, gold, chrome, or platinum? Or are they black or white finished?
  • Consider what color your more permanent features will be such as tile on the fireplace, backsplash, or a shower space, flooring (whether it is tile, vinyl, laminate, hardwood, or carpet), or a kitchen countertop or cabinet color.
  • Then start considering furniture pieces.
  • Also examine sight lines. Can you see your dining room from your living room space? Do the colors clash or look good together?

When thinking about color combinations how do you determine if colors look good together? I think the easiest way is to consider colors that go together in nature. Nature gives you a color palette to pull from.

Ride the Wave: Consider a range of blues (some with tints of green) to create an ocean inspired color palette.

Range of blues

Garden-Fresh: Next up is a garden fresh color palette. It starts with a green apple color and it is complemented by varying shades of soft green, yellow, and white (inspiration from the tulip petals).

Garden fresh

Orange Crush: For a brighter fun space look at orange and corals which shows up as beautiful garden flowers. For high impact and contrast add in some bright blue accents.


Earthly Delights: You can create an earthy color scheme using softer shades of putty, tan, taupe, and amber with hits of a brighter terra-cotta create a calming color palette that talks to a desert landscape.

Soft warm color palette

Shifting Neutrals: As a contrasting color scheme to the warmth and richness of wood tones (such as stained floors or cabinetry) think about the interesting shades in stonework and rocks. It’s an interesting mix of cool and warmer tones.

Tones from stones

Purple Power: What about a more wild and crazy color scheme that would look good in a little girl’s room. Try fun, bright shades of purple such as orchids, fuchsias, and hibiscus.

Purple power

Wake-up Call: A range of shades of yellow speak to waking up and brighten a space such as a kitchen or bathroom.

Mellow Yellow

Garden Fun: Here’s a true nature or garden inspired paint palette filled with green of moss, leaves, flower stems, and blue from the sky. Colors will range from citron, olive, aloe, and clover.


Harmony of Herbs: Shades of mint, aloe, spearmint, and herb inspired shades create a light and soft color palette.


Juicy Citrus: As soft and light as the previous herbal color scheme; juicy citrus is a creative bright color palette that would work in a room with great light and energy such as an office.




Better Homes and Gardens


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