Have you missed me?

Because I have missed you…..yet again I had the best of intentions and life got in the way and I just wasn’t able to have enough time to write proper posts here on my blog. I refuse to short change my posts on my blog which I have developed a passion for. I love coming here to write….to truly express myself. To inspire myself….to communicate about my passion and my love for art. Art has the power to move people. To create an emotional response. Art should help make us feel….we should find a connection between us as the viewer, the art, and the artist who created it. However, I am recognizing that when I began this blog I thought I needed to post daily (I set up myself with a strict schedule) and the reality is I just can’t keep up at that pace. So I have decided to cut myself a much-needed break and recognize I can’t keep up this pace. So instead of posting 7 posts weekly; my new goal will be 3-4 posts a week. I will vary my posts to discuss many of the same topics as I have been covering. Thanks for understanding…..this blog truly is a work in progress as I learn how to be a blogger.


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