Looking at Art

Mother Nature’s Canvas

Its been two weeks and I am slowly finding my way back….I kept meaning to write here but I wasn’t sure what to say. Still not 100% sure I know what I want to say. Here we are approaching the middle of October and the Canadian Thanksgiving has just passed. We are in the heart of this season.

The changing color of the leaves is just about at its peak. I am definitely trying to memorize the leaves – the shifting of colors. How colors blend and work together to create a beautiful melody. And every day it shifts and changes. Mother nature alters her amazing painting every day. It never stays the same. She creates new tones of color- that perfect stroke of blending, the highlights and low lights. The mix of darks and lights. The different shapes of all the different leaves. The height and visual interest created by different trees. Texture is created in the bark on the trees.

The animals and birds are on the move. The days are growing shorter. The air smells like fall and there is starting to be a chill. There is definitely a sense of change….

Fall is the time for our senses to come alive. Not only to see the image but also the sound of the leaves crackling under our feet. The sound and smell of a fire to keep us warm. The sound of the flocks of geese flying overhead. The taste of hot apple cider and hot chocolate to warm your belly. Touch the crunchy leaves as you rake them into a big pile. You are never too old to jump in a pile of leaves. Fall is the time for exploration….explore your neighborhood. Explore the season…….go to a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard…..cook with seasonal ingredients. Fill your house with squash, sage, cinnamon- warm spices. Carve a pumpkin into a jack-o’-latern or bake a pie.

It truly is beautiful to live in a world where seasons change. 81Q1LzFLYiL__SL1200_


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