If you love learning about artists, art terminology,  and mediums, you’ll feel right at home here.

Are you ready to learn about artists and their art? Do you want to explore different art genres, movements, and mediums? This blog is all about sharing and learning more about art. I am not an art critique. I believe that we all view art differently based on our cultural beliefs, values, our background, and where we live. Art created hundred’s of years ago will not have the same meaning currently as it did when it was first made. It’s important to consider context when looking at art. Who was the artist? What do you know about their lives? What about the social and political climate of the times? Why did the artist create this specific piece- who commissioned the piece?

I am not an art major but rather someone who loves art and I love to talk passionately about art and architecture. Ever since I was a little kid I have loved getting messy with paint, coloring, and anything else creative. Now as a young adult, I love scrapbooking and jewelry making. I still enjoy coloring and love the adult coloring book craze with my colored pencils and my new discovery watercolor pencils. That being said, I have found myself in a rut- stuck….not not feeling inspired so I have started this blog with the hope that I will find my creative vision and inspiration again.

I believe art is about emotion. Creating a connection between the artist, the piece, and the audience. The artist must communicate their meaning to the people viewing their art.

I am on a mission to expand my creative vision and figure out who am I as an artist while exploring every day life for inspiration….

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